e demonstrations against the war, asked the authorities to give an explanation. But really know how the matter of high level, but in the office threw PMP things. Waste, are a group of waste, how do they do Pork brain M State Secretary James Monroe, will be in the hands of the file, snapped fell to the ground, give me Jason that waste. Then Secretary of State James M Monroe phone, not to take over, his secretary, once again panic rushed in, Your Excellency, the Mongolian troops directly to block the international airport, as long as our country, Britain, the three countries residents of the island, all strongly related to arrest, and even the embassy has also been surrounded by military and cut off the signal, while asking us within two hours, to answer, otherwise they will use our three citizens, The souls of the country. Secretary of State James Monroe, roaring in the office for PMP it exam a while, and then took the file, went straight to the White House. Not only his military generals also went straight to the White PMI Certification House, asked the President ordered the implementation of military strikes against Mongolia. Compared to the White House chaos, other countries, but it is a jubilatio

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