have rivers and lakes where you do not count other people do not mean you do not count. Wang Xiaojun then break from the fingers. Chen Mi Mi curious What are you doing Wang Xiaojun said.I calculate, you see, ah, your master died five years ago is 115 years old, you will only fourteen five your master is 100 years older than you, you do not think this generation is not OK ah , Said, my grandfather is your master s younger ah Tang Sisi also curious Seeking, why do you accept the old dragon close your disciples do How do you know him Chen Mi looking smile, slowly In fact, I see my master when I was very ITIL OSA small. Tang Sisi said How old are you 8 months. Chen Mi seek Road. Everyone was surprised. Chen Mi Mi said My parents are under the Wudang Mountain farmers, the day my Master wandering back to the foot of the mountain suddenly feel hungry, just to catch up with my dad at home pancakes, my EXIN Certification master was the aroma of pancakes attracted to the home, My parents have always been kind hearted to the monks, but the cake is not yet cooked, I would just climb, my dad pancakes have to look back from time to time to take care of me, I saw the master took me in his arms, he said I was a giggle at him Music, he was also happy mood, so just like my dad to discuss that he wanted to close ITIL OSA it exam a disciple, my dad would like to have agreed to. Tang Si.Si holding his chin envy It is a Romance. Wang Xiaojun pull the nails What odd edge, I think this is an old fashioned silly girl on the story, rig

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ITILSC-OSA ITIL Service Capability Operational Support and Analysis Exam EXIN ITIL OSA