Ding Gu Ding is not easy to know with the generation. Because from start to finish, Gutin only raised his hand raised a flame. That blue flame is the destruction of the inflammation, wi.ll bring the ultimate pain in the strokes, so the young will not be named so sharp mouth bitter. And this is less than half a CISM it exam minute, his body has been a lot of cracks in the body, at any time may burst body death. At this time, a teenager suddenly flashed in the young people pointed mouth, Gooding, give us a free alliance face, do not make killing, teach him about it. See the Liberal Union, who came forward, Goodin is not good hands again, and his fingers a hook, the flame automatically returned to the body. The sharp tongued youth, the body has been crumbling, but he also refused to take too much, bitterly looked at the ancient, fast escape. Chapter 319 The Star Alliance of Liberty The Liberty Union, the largest neutral body in the Terran Universe. They are strong in number, but usually do not participate in the human race within the CISM dispute, and the main commitment to protect those who do not have the power of the strong, so that the entire human race more powerful. In fact, the federal Isaca Certification government in this era of interstellar pirates

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